review: Ankyo 72 Count Building Blocks – Boy/Girl

ankyo_bblock_boy-girl_coverWith the Easter holiday right around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to look at something that kids might soon find in their baskets. This product can be found at select Target stores in their bargain area. As you can see, you get a whopping 72 pieces for USD$1. How could you possibly go wrong?

ankyo_bblock_card_backThe back of the card features numerous examples of the things that you can build with these blocks, like a… plane? And a… humanoid? And, uhhh… The point is that you can build things, and what things they are! (Please be aware that there are no eyes printed on any of the blocks in the bags, nor are there any stickers included with the blocks.)

Well, at least the blocks are compatible with the major brands so you can build actual, recognizable objects. Right?


compare-2The plastic used to make the Ankyo building blocks is a thinner, flexible plastic — most likely the same plastic used to make milk jugs. It deforms quite easily under pressure.

ankyo_bblock_boyThis is what 72 pieces looks like. There’s nothing smaller than a 2×2 brick in the assortment. Also, there are no sloped or angled bricks, no plates, no tiles or parts that would be useful in making anything other than a blocky mess.

ankyo_bblock_girlHere is the other bag. Can you guess which blocks are supposed to be for girls and which blocks are supposed to be for boys?

block_flashThis piece had a considerable amount of mold flash that had to be trimmed away with a hobby knife.

happy_easterWhat was I saying about “blocky messes?” The clutch on these bricks varies greatly from brick to brick due to the quality of plastic used. Some parts barely hang together while it takes a significant amount of force to get other parts separated.


Even though they’re found in the bargain area of Target stores, it’s highly questionable exactly how much a bargain the buyer is receiving when purchasing these blocks. Their incompatibility with the major buliding block brands is a huge detraction and may be a non-starter for most fans. For those who are able to overlook the incompatibility, the lack of variety in parts will be another stumbling block (no pun intended). At the very least, they could have included a sheet of eye stickers.

On the other hand, the blocks do mostly hold together. The price point is rather difficult to resist. One could see them meant purely as a distraction for children while on their way to Sunday services. For USD$1, they’re practically disposable. Those hoping for a cheap way to build up their brick inventory should look elsewhere.


One thought on “review: Ankyo 72 Count Building Blocks – Boy/Girl

  1. Maybe some improvements have been made in these sets because mine seem very durable and my 4 year old has been having a blast with his set!


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