review: BanBao Police – Policeman (8348)

8348-box-frontThis is meant to be a sort of follow-up to my previous BanBao review. It occurred to me that I may not have done a good job describing how the “ToBees” are put together, so I hope to illustrate their construction now. Let’s crack open the box first.

8348-contentsYou receive two bags of parts, one instruction sheet for the car, one instruction sheet for the ToBee, and a sticker sheet. The set only contains two stickers.


The car is pretty disappointing. I think it’s supposed to be like a 4×4 ATV, but it looks more like a riding lawn mower. The wheel hubs are smooth, giving the tires nothing to grip. Consequently, the tires easily slide off the hubs.

8348-barriersThese are the sign and barriers. The barriers have a little difficulty standing.


You can see in this exploded view of the ToBee that the head is basically a bead that the neck post threads through. The helmet caps off the neck post.

8348-tobee-1Not the prettiest sight without a helmet.

8348-tobee-2Just a comparison with some Lego cop.

8348-tobee-3As I mentioned in my previous BanBao review, the ToBee requires another foot piece specifically designed to allow it to stand in the seat. You can hopefully see it a bit clearer in this photo.

Left: Lego; Right: BanBao

I suppose if there’s one standout piece in the set, it’s the walkie-talkie. It’s considerably more detailed than its Lego counterpart. Unfortunately, it’s not in scale with Lego minifigures.

Left: Lego; Right: BanBao

Reverse shot.


This set has a ludicrous MSRP of USD$3.99. I would say it’s worth maybe a quarter of that amount, which is about what I paid for it. Anything higher than that would be outrageous.


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