review: Kre-O Transformers Bumblebee Brick Box (82962/82312 Asst.)

bumblebox-frontI wrote in my previous review that, “[T]he inventory of parts [in a set] has as much an influence as imagination on what a person can build.” As if to prove that point, we have this Kre-O Brick Box. Like the Megatron Box, it was also purchased from a Family Dollar store. The box art layout is practically identical, with the exception of the brick colors and Kreon. It should be noted that there are also eleven less pieces in this box.

bumblebox-detailThe bottom of the box shows two sets from the Kre-O Transformers’ first wave, which suggests they’ll be repackaged and make their way to discount retailers soon. This box also claims to include instructions, like the Megatron box. It does not. At this point, I suspect it’s a misprint.

Let’s have a look at the parts.

bumblebox-inventoryIn the bottom right corner, you can see a 2×2 tile with a neck post. Its inclusion leads me to believe that these parts originally came from one of the larger Kre-O Bumblebee sets. It’s a shame we didn’t get a head for that neck post.


The Bumblebee Kreon isn’t bad. The printing on the torso and head are nicely done. The only gripe I have (and it’s so minor, it’s hardly worth mentioning) is with the helmet. It appears to be modeled after one of the character’s more recent incarnations. I would much rather have preferred a design closer to his “classic” appearance. Still, you instantly know who the character is supposed to be.

bumble-rod-1While there are no instructions, the parts assortment seems to suggest that you build some sort of automobile with them. Why does a robot that transforms into a car need a car? Anyway, here’s Bumblebee cruising around in a custom street rod.

bumble-rod-2You get a better look at the tile with neck post in this photo. I suppose you could use it as a traffic cone.

bumble-rod-3The rubber tires are quite good. Unfortunately, they have a tendency to wobble on their axles.

82961-vs-82962Oh, no – it’s Megatron! He’s traded his Battle Zamboni for some sort of War Wagon! Let’s go back to what we were discussing at the start of this review. The wagon’s design utilizes all 88 pieces from that set, while Bumblebee’s street rod only uses 74 pieces – three less than the set’s total piece count. Even with eleven less pieces than the Megatron Box, the Bumblebee Box offers builders a greater opportunity to bring whatever’s in their heads to reality.


On its face, the Kre-O Transformers Bumblebee Brick Box may not seem like a better bargain than the Megatron Brick Box. It’s got less pieces than the Megatron Box, but it retails for the same price (USD$5). However, only focusing on the piece-count overlooks the fact that the parts assortment in the Bumblebee Box is more diverse than the Megatron Box. A more diverse assortment of parts offers more options when building, which makes the Bumblebee Box the greater bargain. Less is definitely more in this instance.


17 thoughts on “review: Kre-O Transformers Bumblebee Brick Box (82962/82312 Asst.)

  1. Awww man,my son still waiting for my husband to build the kreo transformers,without instructions is a challenge, You guys didnt used your brains to put some instructions inside the box,Shame on the company.


  2. Thanks for the look at your build from all sides.
    I was able to build it with a few modifications to make it look more like a “funny car”.
    Nice and solid vehicle.


  3. Thanks for the picture i was able to build it. I suggest you start with the back and then add the long gray pieces in the middle after that you just look at the picture and boom!


  4. Used every piece, on Bumblebee, though the 2X6 Black is awkward anywhere I put it. Will have to figure out how to put a pictures on here.




    1. There are no instructions for the Brick Boxes.
      They are meant for you to use your imagination.

      That being said, I have most of them…. just can not figure how to post pics here, of what I have done.


  6. Quisiera saber cómo montar el modelo b2964/b2312 asst. 77pcs. 6-12 años. No lo encuentro en ningún lado es de brick box sin instrucciones


  7. I have the Bumblebee box and mine came with a head for the neck post, hood pieces and a few more not pictured in yours just FYI. Random pieces maybe? It also included the black tree with the human weapons on it. I got it at Walgreens. Do the different retailers have different contents?


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