review: Grafix Block Tech Dinosaur Island Park Center (123 Pieces)

park-boxWelcome to Jurassic Park Jurassic World Dinosaur Island! We take a look at yet another set in Block Tech’s dino-related theme, and it’s a doozy. Strap in!

park-contentsYou get two bags of parts, an instruction sheet and… no tray? The cardboard tray was arguably the only positive aspect to these sets.

fd-batch-plateAlthough I’m fairly sure I’ve seen this set sold at other discount retailers, it appears this particular batch was specifically produced for Family Dollar (as evidenced by the 2×6 plate above). There are three builds central to the set.

parkbuggy-3shotThis is the “Park Buggy,” which I suppose a character could use to get around the island. It’s simplistic, but it sort of works. It’s not supposed to be a supercharged dragster, after all. At least Block Tech included a windscreen. Of the three builds, this one is the least problematic.

woma-hubcapEach hubcap bears the “Woma” brand name, which is from whom Grafix apparently sources its bricks for Block Tech sets.

entranceIn the film, Jurassic Park, the entrance gates are tall, heavy wooden doors mostly intended to keep the park inhabitants from escaping. The Dinosaur Island entrance is considerably more… understated. It’s very difficult to believe this structure could prevent anything from leaving. Let’s get to the sole creature included in this set…

park-trexOh, my. That’s no T-Rex! That’s an aberration of nature! Since when do T-Rexes have dorsal spikes? It’s a miracle that I was able to get this flimsy build to stand long enough for this photo to be taken. For shame, Block Tech! That’s not how you do a dino!

minifigsHere are the set’s minifigures. Like those found in previous sets, there’s nothing particularly outstanding about them. I rather dislike them. I really wish Block Tech had included the dark brown minifigure shown on the box instead of packing two identical ones. It would have given the set a little needed variety.

“Must go faster.”


Retail price for this set is USD$5. You don’t get much for your money. The parts quality is decent, but the rickety dinosaur’s design is laughably pathetic. It somehow manages to further spoil what was already a disappointing set populated with crude models. The dinosaur should ostensibly be the centerpiece to this set. Instead, it’s another ugly embarrassment for Block Tech.


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