review: Sluban Girl’s Dream Wagon (Camper) (M38-B0523)

The box was slightly crushed in transit from China.

Sluban is a brand that I was admittedly a little apprehensive of purchasing due to various reviews that I stumbled across while researching the brand, criticizing parts/set quality. However, I decided to take a chance on this set when I found it while browsing online. I am happy to report that my initial fears were mostly unfounded.

m38-b0523-contentsParts come in four bags. A folded instruction sheet and sticker sheet are also included.

I generally don’t apply stickers to models due to general clumsiness, but I felt strangely compelled to apply a few in this case.

The camper is clearly modeled after the classic Volkswagen Camper Van, and I must say that its a pretty decent likeness. It’s not entirely without flaws, though. For one thing, the van lacks doors of any sort. You’ll need to remove the roof to put anything inside the van. Secondly, the front and back of the van are just a bit fiddly and require a some finessing in order to prevent gaps from appearing (see center photograph). Those minor complaints aside, I rather enjoyed putting this model together. Parts quality was surprisingly good – much better than what I had expected. I do wonder why Sluban’s mudguards are composed of two parts instead of making them just a single piece, though.


The set comes with two figures: a young girl and a derpy-looking dog. The girl minifigure is pretty neat. In addition to having articulation at the shoulders, waist and legs, it has ball joints at the wrist and at the neck, giving it a range of motion which I haven’t seen in any other brands’ minifigures. The hair is molded from soft rubber. The print on the torso is decent. The dog is plastic and has only one point of articulation at the neck, allowing it to look up or down.

L-R: Lego Friends minidoll, Sluban minifigure, Lego minifigure

As can be seen in this photograph, the Sluban minifigure is in scale with standard Lego minifigures. The waist on the Sluban minifigure may be a little bit higher than on the Lego minifigure, and the legs are longer.

m38-b0523-sluban-vs-legoYou could probably pass it off as the kid sister to a Lego Friends minidoll if you wanted.

In addition to the van, the dog and a frisbee, the set comes with another accessory – quite possibly the most hilarious accessory to be included in any building block set in recent memory:


Here’s another angle:


Yes, that’s right…

m38-b0523-sstick-3… It’s a smartphone on a “selfie stick!” Well, you certainly can’t claim that Sluban isn’t up on current trends!

m38-b0523-sparesSluban also gives you a boatload of spare parts, which was a pleasant surprise.

"Look over here, Doggie! Doggie! Look! Look, Doggie! Look at the frisbee! Look over here! Look! DOGGIE! LOOK! LOOK OVER HERE! You're ruining this Vine!"
“Look over here, Doggie! Doggie! Look! Look, Doggie! Look at the frisbee! Look over here! Look! DOGGIE! LOOK! LOOK OVER HERE, YOU STUPID DOG! You’re ruining this Vine!”


I was all set to be disappointed by the Sluban Camper but was ultimately won over by it. There are minor structural issues with the van model, but the parts are of good quality, Even if the execution of the build isn’t quite up to Lego’s high standards, it does look quite nice and would probably fit right in with any Lego city. The included minifigure is interesting with all its articulation. The selfie stick is the proverbial cherry on top of everything. The price I paid for the set was close to what I would have paid for a Lego set of comparable size. It was well worth it.


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