review: Block Tech Animal Planet Puppy House (21 Pieces)

Just keep telling yourself you’re doing this for a good cause…

Around the same time that I picked up that Animal Planet Dinosaur set I reviewed last month, I also purchased this one from the same Dollar General store. Sigh. Let’s get this over with…

ap-puppy-box-sideEvery Animal Planet set has “Fun Facts” printed on its packaging. I can’t vouch for the fact’s veracity, but your mileage may vary as far as fun goes.

ap-puppy-contentsYou get everything you see here for USD$1. Can you believe it?

ap-puppy-houseLet’s get this out of the way. That’s not a house, Block Tech! A house has more than one wall! And a roof! What we have here is an arch with a small awning. It’s not going to keep anything dry in a storm!

ap-puppy-3shotLet’s have a look at the star of the set. The features are a little indistinct, and it sort of looks like a monkey from some angles. Maybe a little? Okay, maybe not.


Here we have a shot of the dog with the dog (which I have come to refer to as “Scooby’s Doo”) from this Sluban set. I don’t know where Block Tech knocked off the design for their dog, but it wasn’t from a building block line (Playmobil, perhaps?). Say what you will about Doo, but it was at least designed to fit on studs.


I give a lot of grief to Block Tech for their shoddy sets, but there’s usually at least one thing that keeps them from being completely worthless. Aside from the Animal Planet branding and the Fun Fact, everything else about the set is deceptive. The house is a lie, as clearly can be seen in the above photo. The dog isn’t made to be used with any building system as far as I can tell. It’s true that there is superficial educational value to the set, and Animal Planet’s  charitable organization receives some sort of benefit. However, there’s nothing substantive about this set to recommend. I suppose the house parts themselves have some worth, but it’s nothing that comes close to approaching a dollar. I would wag a finger at Block Tech for their sketchy business practices; but at this point, I should know better than to continue buying their product. At the very least, Animal Planet should reconsider pursuing their partnership with Block Tech as it has the potential of damaging their brand.


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