gallery: The Goldbug Variations

bumble-rod-x-3When I started Building Up to Something a few months ago, I kept my expectations realistic. I hoped that I might earn a couple of views a month, and maybe I would have over a hundred views in a year’s time. Never during those early days did I even imagine that the blog would surpass 6,000 views and 2,600 visitors only twenty-five posts in.

I wish I could take all of the credit and say that it was my crackling wit and sharp insights into cheap building block systems that have driven so much traffic to this website. However, the truth of the matter is that two posts are responsible for most of the apparent interest in Building Up to Something. The single most popular blog post is my review of the Kre-O Bumblebee Brick Box, with the Kre-O Megatron Brick Box review running a modest second place. As it turns out, there are many visitors who happen to be fans of Transformers. Who would have thought…?

A few readers have posted comments asking for instructions on how to build the street rod that I showed in the Bumblebee Box review (and also seen in the above photograph). I would be happy to show how to build this model… except that I don’t really remember how it was built. I simply threw it together in order to demonstrate what a person could make from the parts in the set. It was never meant to be a “final” build, so I took it apart shortly after the review was written. Since that time, Bumblebee’s ride has undergone a few revisions. I thought it might be fun to take a look at them now.

bumbler-x-3This vehicle’s design came from a desire to use as many of the parts in the set as possible- if not all of them. I couldn’t come up with a decent use for the 2×2 plate with post, so it once again was left along the roadside.

bbbug-x-3This design was an attempt to build something more compact and inline with Bumblebee’s classic Volkswagen Bug vehicle mode. I think it wound up looking a bit more like a tank than I had anticipated.

crusher-x-3I think this final design is definitely the most “sci-fi” of the four vehicles. It didn’t begin with that goal in mind. I only started with the idea of a vehicle that utilized as many parts of the set and was wider than six studs. The pincers in front came about due to sheer happenstance. I just felt the front end needed something eye-catching. Some elements of this vehicle are rehashed from the original street rod of the review.

In posting these designs, my intention is to show what else is possible with the parts in the Bumblebee Box, and to encourage those of you reading to avoid locking in on one look or way of building. There’s nothing that says that Bumblebee even needs a car. Maybe you could build an Autobot outpost for him to man, or a Cybertronian spacecraft to explore the vastness of the universe. The point is that a person can do a lot with a few of the right parts (Let me know if you come up with a good use for the 2×2 plate with post).

Whether you’re new to Building Up to Something or a repeat visitor, I want to thank you for stopping by and reading. I’ve got more reviews and other good stuff on the way, so please stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “gallery: The Goldbug Variations

  1. Used every piece, though the 2X6 Black is awkward anywhere I put it. Will have to figure out how to put a pictures on here.


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