review: Grafix Block Tech Girls in the City – Girls Shopping (136 Pieces)

gitc-shop-boxToday’s exercise in futility again comes to us courtesy of Block Tech. While the box states that it’s available “Only at DG” (Dollar General, from where it was indeed purchased), I believe that exclusivity may have lapsed. In any case, let’s take a look and see why nobody should own it.

The box contains two bags of parts and an instruction sheet. I neglected to take photographs of the contents, but it was nothing that we haven’t already seen from Block Tech. Following the trend seen in the last few Block Tech sets I’ve reviewed, there was no cardboard tray included with the box. It seems that we’ve seen the end of that practice.

gitc-shop-moto-3waysThe first build in the instructions is also the simplest one. The motorcycle frame is one single piece, so there’s nothing particularly awful about the construction. I do wonder why they decided to make the transparent red 1×1 round plate the headlight instead of the traditional brake light and vice versa for the transparent yellow 1×1 round plate.

gitc-shop-3wayThe second build in the instructions is a shopfront – literally, just the front of a shop. What exactly the shop sells is a bit of a mystery. No stickers were included to identify exactly what the business is. It’s nice to have some doors in transparent pink, though.

gitc-uneven-platesYou may have noticed there’s a small gap between the column of 1×1 plates and the awning. This photograph disproves a misconception commonly believed by some builders (and apparently by Block Tech). Three stacked plates do not equal one brick. As can clearly be seen in the photo, the plates come up a little short to the door frame. It’s a mystery why Block Tech didn’t just supply builders with five 1×1 bricks instead of fifteen 1×1 plates.

Overall, it’s an underwhelming build. It seemed much more substantive on the box. Let’s take a closer look at the box…

gitc-shop-vs-boxWhat the…? Why is the shop on the box built with more parts than the one in the instructions? Take a good look at the picture on the left. There’s no photo trickery going on – there’s literally more parts in the shop shown on the packaging. Even if you wanted to build the shop on the box, the box doesn’t contain enough parts for you to even try it. This is an all-time low for Block Tech.

Sigh. Let’s move on…


The final build of the set is a car. It may not be flashy, but at least it will seat a minifigure – unlike most of the other builds that Block Tech purports to be automobiles. It is wholly benign in its mediocrity.

gitc-shop-minifiguresThe three included minifigures are the standard Block Tech minifigures. No surprises, here. The printing on the torsos is done well. The hairpieces developed stress marks when they were placed on the heads.

gitc-shop-moto-4There is one new thing to note about the minifigures. Their large, clownish feet prevent them from properly sitting on a motorcycle. It essentially forces the minifigure to constantly stand up while riding. Just awful.

Remember: Helmets save lives!


The MSRP for this set is USD$5. The motorcycle and car aren’t terrible (how’s that for faint praise?), but the fact that Block Tech essentially lies to you about the shop on the packaging is unforgivable. Do not buy this set. Step up your game, Block Tech!


2 thoughts on “review: Grafix Block Tech Girls in the City – Girls Shopping (136 Pieces)

  1. I might be incorrect because I just recently ran across block tech toys but…all that I saw in the store for figures/ people were odd. The males were firemen, police officers and construction workers. The females are ‘best friends”, “shoppers” and came with another set called “party hang out.” lol. Not saying you have to be PC, but as a female I am apparently doing something wrong because I don’t get to spend my days shopping with best friends or at the party hang out. 😉


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