review: Enlighten The War of Glory – Defend Barrack (2303)


Source: Enlighten

Like Lego’s Nexo Knights, The War of Glory is Enlighten’s update of their medieval Castle theme. Unlike the hybrid sci-fi/fantasy universe of Nexo Knights, The War of Glory takes place in a more traditional fantasy world filled with human knights, elven warriors, noble dwarves, and all manner of mythical beasts. I understand that it’s more than a little inspired by a popular MMORPG, but I’ll have to take other peoples’ word for that.


This particular set contains two bags of parts, an instruction manual and a sheet with two stickers.


The central build is this “barrack,” which honestly reminds me more of a smithy than resting quarters.



It even has this anvil out front. If that’s not synonymous with blacksmiths, then I don’t know what is.


The fireplace hides a secret door to the structure which rotates freely. It can be used by characters to make a hasty retreat if they’re overpowered or to perhaps stealthily ambush those inside.


The barrack houses a veritable king’s ransom of armor and weaponry for characters to use. You receive two golden axes, a chrome cutlass, a mace (which wouldn’t be capable of being stored as shown in the photograph in real life), a pair of shields, a quiver with arrows,  two cuirasses (or breastplates), two helmets (one with moving visor), and a flintlock rifle. The armor is capable of being worn by minifigures.


The other build in the set is this golem “bigfig” which Enlighten ships unassembled. Similarly, the club it’s wielding is built up with brick elements. For the most part, I like the way it looks. As seen in the second photo, the parts don’t fit together as well as they should. The imperfect fit results in visible gaps along the figure’s seam lines. It’s a minor disappointment but not a dealbreaker by any means.


The set’s two minifigures are this elven archer and human warrior. The quality of the printing on both figures is exactly as we’ve come to expect from Enlighten. The metallic accents are an especially nice touch. If there’s any problem with the prints, it’s that the printing on the elf is harder to read on the dark green of the torso and legs. It might not have looked so muted had Enlighten printed the design on flesh colored legs.

One final thing to note about the construction of the minifigures: the arms have a tendency to pop out of the torso. The pegs that hold them in place seem to be just a bit on the small side. It was a simple matter of plugging them back in, but it was a first for me with Enlighten minifigures. I hope that it’s something that only affects my set.

“Uhh, behind you.”


On the whole, I’m satisfied with the Defend Barrack. It packs a wallop for a set of its size in terms of open-ended play. True, the build is on the smaller side. The fit of some parts on the golem bigfig could be better, and I experienced some issues with the minfigures’ arms. However, the number of characters and accessories you receive with the set invites the builder to imagine a variety of scenarios. Have your human suit up in some armor and swing a mace at the golem! Maybe the elf trades her bow and arrow for a rifle. Perhaps all three could join forces to face an even greater threat.

It’s this open-endedness that makes the Defend Barrack a perfect “calling card” set for The War of Glory theme. There’s just enough to do in it to be fun on its own, and you could probably be fine playing with just this one set. At the same time, it’s a set that virtually asks for expansion and modification. It’s just a glimpse into a much larger universe that I want to explore in the future.


One thought on “review: Enlighten The War of Glory – Defend Barrack (2303)

  1. This looks like a pretty cool set. I really like the elf minifig. Looking forwards to seeing you review more “War of Glory” sets.


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