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Last Update: 31 January 2017

Hello. Brickcritic, here. Since starting this blog, I have seen a number of requests posted to the comments section of the Kre-O Brick Box reviews. They basically are variations on the same two questions, so I thought that I would use this page to address them.

Q: Will you email me instructions on how to build Kre-O “X” Brick Box? / Can you upload instructions for Kre-O “X” Brick Box? / Where can I find instructions for Kre-O “X” Brick Box?

A: Before I give my response, I want to repeat something that’s at the very top of the homepage and every review that I write: The views expressed on this blog are my own and not of any companies whose products are reviewed. That means that I do not work for Hasbro or any other toy company that produces plastic building blocks. The following is a matter of opinion and should not be considered an official response from an authorized agent of Hasbro, because I am not. On with the show!

The very first Kre-O Transformers Brick Box that I reviewed was the Megatron Brick Box, and I noted that the bottom of the box stated that instructions were included with the set.


There were no instructions in the set. While I acknowledged the possibility that the instructions could somehow have been lost, I assumed at the time the reference to instructions was a misprint; that there were no instructions and that buyers were being left to their own devices to build anything they could imagine with the parts. This was later confirmed when all references to instructions were deleted from the Kre-O Transformers Optimus Prime Brick Box packaging.


To reiterate, all references to instructions on the packaging are probably misprints. There most likely are no instructions for the Kre-O Transformers Brick Boxes. Buyers should consider them as “booster packs” (or starter packs) for their building block collections, or as oppotunities to flex their creative muscles.

Q: Can you show me (step-by-step) how you built “X”?

A: As much as I wish I could help, I am unable to show how to build anything that I’ve reviewed in the past. The fact is that the sets are disassembled once I’ve finished reviewing them, then either put into inventory for parts or donated to charity shops. I don’t normally keep notes or take photographs while building them (or breaking them down), so I hardly remember how they are put together. Sorry!

Q: I have more/other questions about Kre-O “X” Brick Box.

A: If you have questions regarding any Hasbro product, I would recommend that you contact Hasbro Consumer Care. Good luck!